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Class & Workshop Testimonials

"As with any Lattimore Workshop I have attended, I came away with not only a good painting(s), but a depth of learning that only true experiences can bring.  Andrew is an insightful and generous teacher and the students of the studio join in this spirit, creating an experience beyond compare."  - Adrienne M.




"I graduated from Pratt Institute in 1975 with a BFA in Painting. The trend in Fine Arts higher education at the time was very laissez-faire, and though I benefited greatly from my time at Pratt, I learned almost nothing about the traditional method of painting. I had a somewhat successful career as an illustrator, but it became clear to me over the years that I had an utter lack of the skills I needed in order to paint the way I wanted to paint.

 After seeing the wonderful work of some friends who were studying with Andrew and hearing about his gifts as an instructor, I worked up the courage to try one of his seminars. I was astounded at how much I was able to learn from him in just 5 days. But what was more astounding was that even with my complete lack of awareness about the simplest and most basic aspects of the craft, I was treated with kindness, respect and given personal attention and guidance that helped me push myself in a way I could not have imagined possible. At the end of the week I had a painting which I could hardly believe I had painted myself. I signed up immediately for weekly portrait class and in fair weather, the plein air painting classes as well.


Not only that, but the atmosphere of pure enjoyment and ease was as real as if we were all old friends. This is the consistent tone of class. In addition, I am amazed by how well he is able to adapt his hands-on instruction with each student to our very particular stage of development and skill, never critical in an unkind way, always with humor and what is clearly a deeply held love of teaching.  Andrew Lattimore is a terrific painting instructor and a delightful human being."  - Mary W.


"I began studying with Andrew because I saw palpable improvement in the paintings of a friend of mine who had been taking his classes.  I have learned very much from Andrew, and during workshops he's so inspiring that I find myself creating two paintings a day, each one better than before."  Sharon K.


"I went on Andrew's Florence Workshop and it was a wonderful mix of pleasure and work with a group of fantastic people.  Great memories will stay with me forever."  -Rosanne C.


"I am one of those people who always wanted to paint, but didn't think I was good enough to even take lessons, that is... until I was 56.   I saw what I remember to be a tiny classified ad in my local paper  about this art studio with classes for all levels. I called the number, spoke to the teacher, Andrew Lattimore, and decided that if I wasn't going to do it now, when was I?  So I put together some supplies and ventured forth to the Cornwall location, nervous, but determined to give it a shot.  What I found was a wonderful atmosphere of welcome and acceptance by teacher and students alike, and let me tell you that the “students” were on all levels, including some professionals (artists and art teachers).  


11 years later I continue to enjoy attending Andrew's classes, although the location has changed.  In fact, when we were looking for a new home, I told my husband that we had to remain within 90 minutes of my grandchildren and 30 minutes of Andrew's school.  


As a retired teacher I can tell you that the old saying, “Those who can, do.  Those who can't, teach.” is WRONG.  Anderew is one of those rare breeds who is truly a gifted artist (i.e. he painted the portrait of former goveror George Pataki now displayed in Albany) and able to break it down to manageable concepts even for the beginner.  He meets you where you are and helps bring you closer to where you want to be as an artist.  Of course, we each have to work on it as well, but I can tell you that the three hours of class were and are the fastest 3 hours of my week.


I've taken still life, landscape (plein air), drawing, figure, portait, facial feature, drawing, perspective, as well as field trips and workshops here and in Europe.   I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to participate with and learn from such a fine teacher in an atmosphere of comraderie and support. "  - Bonnie R.


"I’ve studied with Andrew Lattimore for almost 5 years as my principal instructor.

Andrew is not only a master craftsman in drawing and painting (oil), he is truly a dedicated teacher, always present and involved with his students in class and willing to talk to them anytime outside of class.


One of the fine qualities Andrew has as a teacher is that he reaches each and every student at whatever level they are artistically and helps move them along the path of improving their artistic skills.  He truly believes that everyone is capable of learning to draw and paint if they are willing to put in the time and effort.

I am always struck with how Andrew, as accomplished an artist he is, he cares about all the students regardless of their current level or ability, to join him in learning and developing their craft.


Andrew’s studio in Cornwall, NY is very inviting.  It is an amazing venue to learn to draw and paint.  When one first enters the simple but elegant studio, with its large, wood beams, openness, huge stone fireplace and high ceilings it’s hard not to say “Wow".


In addition to Andrew’s Studio in Cornwall, Andrew has for the past 20 years, also taught at Westchester Community College Center for the Arts, in White Plains, NY.


Over the 5 years that I have studied with Andrew Lattimore, I have taken the following classes, multiple times with him: Drawing Fundamentals, Portrait Drawing, Life Drawing, Portrait Painting, Life Painting, Traditional Painting, and Landscape Painting.  In addition, I have participated in fabulously beautiful Plein Air workshops taught by Andrew in Block Island (RI); Wethersfield, (Amenia, NY), Stone Barns (Eastview, NY), scenic Hudson River, (Croton-on Hudson), Florence, (Italy) and Ireland (Cliften- West Coast).


Have I learned a lot since I started with Andrew, 5 years ago? You bet! And you will too!"  - Ken O.



"I have studied with Andrew for 14 years, and even though I come from an artistic professional field, I still keep learning so much from him! His wealth of talent and knowledge seems endless, only matched by his ability to share and impart that knowledge to every student, adapting his teaching beautifully to every level.  I can see myself continuing to study with Andrew for as long as I can."  -  Denise P.



"My family is so glad to have had the ability to learn traditional painting with Andrew Lattimore.  Both of my daughters have been studying landscape and portrait painting since their early teens with Andrew.  Mr. Lattimore's advice was invaluable in creating portfolios for entrance to art schools with scholarships.  My older daughter is currently applying to graduate schools to get her MFA.  My younger daughter is pursuing her BFA.  They both hope to study in Florence, Italy once they have their degrees from American universities."  - Sherri A.


"I looked at your new website.... The beauty of what you do really brought tears to my eyes.  I was truly blessed to have you as my teacher.  I'm in my studio now cleaning up after finishing a drawing - a commission - I owe that to you. I have a studio because you  gave me what I needed to believe in myself.  My friends tell me they remember when I first started taking art classes and when they came to the student exhibitions; for some reason the one in Beacon really sticks in my mind.


They tell me I've come so far. I have you to thank for that.  I just went through some of the many notes I took in your classes.  I cherish them and still refer to them and always will....I can't thank you enough." - Debra P.


"Six years ago, I met Andrew when my oldest grandson was studying with him prior to going to College.  He insisted that I join the drawing class he attended.  I had never studied drawing or painting before and I was skeptical about starting so late in life.  However within five minutes of meeting Andrew, seeing his work and absorbing the warm and wonderful atmosphere of the studio and students,  I decided to stay.

For a whole year, he patiently guided me not just in learning how to draw but learning how to SEE.  After that first year he decided I could pick up a brush and try painting.  Since then, I have taken all the different classes he offers; Life Drawing, Plein Air Painting, Still Life Painting, Facial Features, and Portrait Painting.  I have also attended the workshops, including the Italy Art Workshop.

When Andrew teaches, he gives his all and helps every student individually as well as the whole group.  He is an outstanding artist and when you are with him you live and breath fine art.

In three months I will be 80 years old and I intend to continue in his classes for years until I can no longer hold a brush.  Andrew is an inspiration!" - Toya L.


" I was quite fortunate some eight years ago to have stumbled upon a traditional oil painting class offered at the Westchester Community College Center for the Arts.  It was being taught by Andrew Lattimore.


I knew nothing about painting or Andrew.  I simply wanted to do a colorful painting and this was my first venture.  I am a senior adult with no real art experience, and I was hoping to do something late in life that would be enjoyable and maybe even creative.  Here I am eight years later, still with Andrew, still with a passion to do my next painting, but with much greater knowledge (and, I hope, ability).  And, of cours, I have come to know Andrew well.  


First and foremost, he is an accomplished artist.  He has an infectious joy for his craft and anxiously wants you to love art as much as he does.  He has a deep sense of art history and often reflects on how we are the beneficiaries of all the accumulated knowledge and experience of artists preceding us.  This joy and respect are constant themes in class.  I have appreciated Andrew's instructional patience  (it's fine to instruct, but students need space to do it themselves), gently prodding at times, offering thoughts and suggestions at other times, and sometimes saying bluntly, "if you don't mind, I'd like to show you."  Andrew adeptly customizes his instruction to the skill and experience level of the student.  


Having heard so many of Andrew's comments over the years, as well as having watched so many of his demos, there are some things which have personally resonated with me: always start with a sound drawing, have a plan, paint deliberately but know where artistic spontaneity comes into play (the dessert, so to speak), be patient, make purposeful decisions (exercise artistic judgment), make adjustments when required (occasionally violate the rules if necessary), and, most importantly, don't fear failure.  


Lastly, I am now doing the colorful paintings I had hoped to do at the outset, but with a much greater arsenal of information.  Thank you Andrew."  - John B.

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